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Cabin-Time 6 Drawings

“Cabin-Time is a roaming creative residency to remote places. Through work and play that is both off-the-grid and on-the-land, Cabin-Time provides an opportunity for creative experimentation, adventures in landscape, and forever friendships.” These drawings were ...


Great Women Animators Zine Series (Volumes 1-5)

A research project and dissemination activity encouraged by the Quickdraw Animation Society. Each zine is 5.5 x 8.5″ with a screenprinted cardstock cover, colored paper, and a machine-stitched binding. The zines are a collection of ...


Summer 2014

This is a small sample of drawings made for an exhibition of new works at Jarvis Hall Fine Art in Calgary, AB.


Ink on paper

A selection of personal work from the last two years.

Great Women Animators


Home Amongst The Stars, 2012 2012


Shape, 2011

Shadow Diving, 2011-14




Older Works


Twenty Fourth Summer

Hand screenprinted saddle stitched book of drawings. Completed in residence at The Ledge Gallery, EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, 2012. 8 pages, 16 drawings, 5.5″ x 8″. Two-color rag paper cover and 90lb 50% rag inlay. Edition of 25.

Every Day People

Every Day People

Blockprinted saddle stitched book of linocuts created while in residence at The Ledge Gallery, EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, 2012. 8 colors, lined with vellum, 4.25″ x 5.5″. Edition of 20.

Little Ways Out Book

Little Ways Out

Catalog of late 2012 drawings, completed while in residence at the Institut für alles mögliche in Berlin, Germany. Hand bound with linen book paper, tissue, and hand-drawn covers. Stitched with black thread, containing 16 pages printed on 100gm paper. 4.25 x 5.5″. Edition of 20.

Mini Book: Moon Cycles

Neverending Mini Books

Handpainted with gouache on Neobond, 10.5 x 10.5cm, several versions including Cloud Types, Moon Cycle, Alberta Native Plants, Constellations, Patterns. All titles by hand in archival technical ink. Unlimited edition.


Listen to Old & Weird

Fanzine for the Halifax, NS based band Old & Weird. Photocopied on mint 80gm paper, pamphlet stitched with satin thread, includes download to new song written by band. 4.25 x 5.5″. Edition of 50.


This Desert Town

Catalog of 2013 drawings created while in residence at the Starry Night Retreat in Truth or Consequences, NM, USA. 5.5 x 8.5″ yellow, 120gsm paper, 8 pages, 16 drawings, black and white photocopies. Sewn binding with linen thread. Funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Issue #2 featuring Kiarra Albina, Bree Zorel, Amber Phelps-Bondaroff and myself.

Other Zines