Videofag, Toronto, ON

Installation, Drawings and Looping Animation for Videofag Performance and New Media Gallery in Toronto, ON. Collaboration with Shawn Dicey. Exhibited alongside Eric Moschopedis + Mia Rushton’s “Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor” Project.

Sled Island: Hand To Eye To Land To Sky To

hand to eye to land to sky to is a curated project that will take place in various locations around Calgary. It is essentially a botanical drawing club where 4 curated artists will work together in advance of Sled Island to develop and schedule drawing sessions that will take place throughout the duration of the festival. The sessions will be open to the public and will likely include food, blankets, and portable radios/music. Participants are encouraged to draw, using various media supplied, and contribute towards an image bank with the potential for future publication or exhibition. The subsequent publication may include poetry and creative writing by local and international writers among other things. Special thanks to bill bissett for the use of his poem, “hand to eye…”

For info on where we’ll be drawing, sitting and observing in Calgary, Ab, Canada check:


Garage Montage Exhibition and Panel Discussion

I’m showing new drawings from both Berlin and New Mexico at the Art Gallery of Gallery this Thursday, May 16th at 6pm. The exhibition also includes an older drawing from 2010 and collaborative work of the Contemporary Art Museum with Bree Zorel.

“Little Ways Out” Book + Exhibition

I produced this little book in an edition of 20 for the exhibition at the Abteilung für alles Andere. Hand bound with linen book paper, thin tissue as the inner lining, and hand-drawn covers to match. (You can buy them here.)

The books function as a partial catalogue of the drawings made while in residence at the Institut für alles mögliche in Berlin, Germany in October-December 2012 and were on display for a one-night only exhibition which also featured performances by the UK-based Lisa Jeshke + Jon Kaufman-Styles.