+ Knock on Any Door (A Revised History): Art and Social Engagement in Calgary, 1912-2012¬†documents historical non-art activities that have occurred in or around Calgary throughout the last century and re-interprets them as if they were contemporary art projects. A…

I drew the design for this year’s Sled Island Merch!  

photo courtesy of Justin Waddell

hand to eye to land to sky to is a curated project that will take place in various locations around Calgary. It is essentially a botanical drawing club where 4 curated artists will work together in advance of Sled Island…

Photo credit: Darryl Pollock

Sophie Farewell is performing However you do it, consider the stars… this week at Olympic Plaza for The Calgary International Children’s Festival. Come by and have your messages read from the top of the mountain from 11-1pm Friday and Saturday.

Drawings and drawings..
Mystery Yearbook Portraits

Drawings made from 1976 yearbook reference.

Drawings + White Sands

A few pictures of a new series of drawings I’m working on while in New Mexico, as well as White Sands National Monument!